Professional basketball franchise invests in strength and conditioning training with a bespoke new fitness suite at Playsport

Scotland’s professional basketball franchise, Caledonia Gladiators, has taken training to the next level by investing £40,000 in a state-of-the-art fitness suite and studio.

Designed by the UK’s leading and fastest growing strength brand PRIMAL, the facility has been created for exclusive use by Caledonia Gladiators’ professional and high-performance athletes. In a PRIMAL first, the gym includes an air sprung floor for plyometric training such as short sprints and jumping to replicate game play.

Located at Playsport, home of Gladiators’ 1,600 seater arena, the gym is fully equipped with world-class equipment including half racks, dumbbells, bumper plates and bars, wall mounted pull up bars and cardio machines including skier and bikes. It also features bespoke custom astro flooring adorned with the Caledonia Gladiators logo.

Split into three sections, the fitness suite is divided by different flooring types including a harder surface for weight training, an air sprung floor for plyometric training such as short sprints and jumping to replicate game play, and a softer rubber surface for the rehab area with bikes and cardio machines to cool down.

With impressive credentials in elite sport, PRIMAL has designed bespoke performance centres for Celtic and Burnley Football Club as well as providing equipment for other professional teams including Rangers, Fulham, Motherwell and Chelsea Women.

Using years of experience in the strength and fitness industry, each piece of PRIMAL equipment is personally designed by founder Steven Rinaldi, using premium and innovative technology as well as the highest quality materials to ensure optimum functionality, durability, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Steven said: “When curating a strength and fitness space for high performance athletes, we meticulously design every inch from equipment to flooring and lighting to meet the needs of the organisation and offer the optimal experience.

“We’ve been impressed with everything Caledonia Gladiators has achieved in both the women’s and men’s game this year, we wish them the best of luck for the remainder of the season.”

Tony McDaid, CEO of Caledonia Gladiators, said: “Our professional and high performance teams previously supported on-court training with strength and conditioning workouts in a commercial public gym space but now with an exclusive fitness suite, we will be able to elevate opportunities for our teams. It follows wider investment across the wider organisation as we take Caledonia Gladiators to the next level.

“Working with PRIMAL allowed us to tailor the suite to meet all of our requirements and this new training environment enables our players to perform to the best of their ability.”

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