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Caledonia Gladiators vs Essex Rebels 69-61

Paxton gives the Rebels an early 3-point lead within the 1st quarter. Gladiators struggle to get going as they trail by 4 midway through the first quarter. Gladiators bring it back with a 1-point lead at the end of the first quarter as N’diaye drives towards the paint scoring a 2-point layup followed by a free throw as she was fouled in the build up.

Heading into the second quarter, Gladiators take an early advantage. Rebels close the gap to four points with a 4-point play from Katherine Tudor. Gladiators remained in the lead throughout with Rebels keeping the gap narrow, eventually tying the game with 2 minutes to play. Bintou Lo returns the advantage to Gladiators after driving into the paint to make a neat lay-up. With only a minute to play, Freeman picks up a charging foul whilst charging into the paint, as she converts the last opportunity.

Gladiators come out strong retaining an early tie in the third quarter. Katherine Tudor widens the gap for Rebels with a 3pt shot midway through the third quarter, Rebels lead by 6. Putra brings it back for Gladiators with a 2pt layup close to the end of the quarter. With less than a minute to go Mcgarrachan gives a personal foul allowing Rebels to lead by 3 at the end of the quarter.

Gladiators come back fighting to take advantage early on, Brown makes Gladiators trail by 1. Gladiators retain their advantage throughout the quarter leading by 5 halfway through the last quarter. Rebels keep a close gap throughout the half, but Gladiators finish the game with a 2pt free throw made by Lo Sylla, taking the win leading by 8. Gladiators remain undefeated in the Women’s British Basketball League.

Cheshire Phoenix vs Caledonia Gladiators 82-92

The game started with Cheshire rushing to a quick 5-0 lead, before being pegged back by Caledonia who went on their own 5-0 run to equalise. Five points was the highest lead either of the two teams managed to get in the first quarter, as they proceeded to exchange baskets and the lead throughout. With the first period drawing to a close the two teams exchanged three pointers, combining for a total of over 50 points, with the Gladiators having a slight advantage 25-29. The start of the second quarter saw the Phoenix go on a 7-0 run to retake the lead (32-31), after Laquincy Rideau laid the ball in following a steal by Cam Christon.

The visitors answered with their very own 7-0 run (32-38), finished off by Princeton Onwas’ layup. Two free throws by David Ulph made it a one-point game (37-38) with five minutes left until the half. That’s when the Gladiators went on a 10-0 run and got their first double-digit lead of the game (37-48), after Patrick Whelan finished with a layup. The difference stayed at 11 going into the break with Caledonia up 39-50.

Despite a quick 5-0 run by Cheshire to start the second half, Caledonia managed to keep their opponents at bay and increased their lead to a game-high 14 points (46-60) when Lukas Palyza drained the triple. The Czech forward then connected from downtown once again a couple of possessions later, giving his side an even larger lead (51-68), with just under five left to play in the third. The home side hadn’t given up however and with an 11-5 run to close out the period managed to make it an 11-point game going into the final 10 minutes (62-73), after Ej Stephens drained the long-range jumper.

The momentum was firmly on Cheshire’s side and they started the fourth quarter with a 9-2 run, making it a four-point game (71-75) with just under seven minutes left to play. That deficit was reduced even further when Aaryn Rai scored a layup with four minutes on the clock, making it a one-point affair (75-76). Two minutes later and with the difference at just three points, Skyler White hit an incredible step-back triple off one leg with the help of the backboard, to tie the game at 78 apiece. The Gladiators showed tremendous character and didn’t allow their heads to drop despite losing a 17-point lead. Onwas hit a huge three from the corner on the very next play, giving his team a three-point lead (78-81). This gave the visitors the momentum they needed to go on a 11-4 run to close out the game and come away with a massive victory 82-92.