We are delighted to have Just Employment Law as a long-term partner of the Caledonia Gladiators. We sat down with Lauren Wilson, an Associate at JEL, to find out more about their business and how they can benefit you.

Lauren Wilson said “As a permanent and respected fixture in the legal services market, Just Employment Law supports employers of all sizes throughout the UK. Our experienced team of solicitors provide clients with practical, jargon-free support and representation on all employment law and HR matters. Our legal team pride themselves on being approachable, and professional, at all times. JEL’s Annual Retainer Service allows employers to access this comprehensive support on an unlimited basis for a fixed monthly fee agreed in advance and we guarantee our very best attention to our clients’ evolving needs at all times.”

Just Employment Law’s vision is for employers to have prompt access to expert employment law advice and representation whenever they need it. Find out more about Just Employment Law on their website.