The British Basketball League has confirmed that Prince Onwas has been selected in the their All-Defensive Team of the Year, following an impressive season all round from the American forward. 

The selected five also included Lions’ Josh Sharma, Phoenix’s Jamell Anderson and Larry Austin Jr., and Giants’ Anthony Roberson. 

The 29-year-old’s defensive prowess has been recognised by fans, as well as opposition players and coaches alike – proving to be one of the best players on that side of the ball in the entire league. 

In the BBL this year, Prince has proven to be one of the highest intensity defenders, hustling every game on the defensive side of the ball.

However, perhaps his most memorable moment of the season came on the offensive side of the floor, where Prince made the ultimate pass to David Sloan to win the BBL Trophy in historic fashion. Onwas was seen to be celebrating the win, even before the shot went in, showing the trust in his American counterpart.