The Caledonia Gladiators are excited to announce that they are seeking male dancers and a new mascot to join their team. The franchise are known for their high-energy performances and fan engagement, provided at our BBL & WBBL games which take place at the Emirates Arena and Lagoon Leisure Centre respectively.

The Gladiators Dance Team is a crucial part of the team’s game day entertainment, and we are looking for talented male dancers to join the ranks. Interested dancers should have strong technique and stage presence, and be able to commit to regular rehearsals and game day performances. The Gladiators are looking to build a coed dance team as we strive for equality with the club.

The 407 (Orlando Magic Dancers) are an inspiration to this direction.

In addition, the franchise are also seeking new mascots to become the face of the BBL & WBBL teams. The mascots play a vital role in creating a fun and exciting atmosphere at games, and the Gladiators are looking for those who are energetic, fun, witty, outgoing, and able to engage with fans of all ages. In addition, the candidates should have previous gymnastics training or experience in order to keep up with the acrobatic needs for both roles.

For mascot candidates, their role on gameday may include break-dancing, shooting hoops, and interacting with our crowds. Of course, these skills can be developed, but some previous skills are desired.

Trials for both the dance team and the mascot position will be held on Sunday, January 15th from 5pm to 7:30pm at the Emirates Arena. Interested candidates should be prepared to participate in a short dance or performance audition.

Entertainment teams are always evolving and the Gladiators want them to reflect the most innovative approach to crowd engagement and entertainment just like their NBA counterparts.
Sean Gladiator General Manager said “We believe it’s important to diversify and think the creation of a new family-friendly co-ed dance team will be something all fans will enjoy!” 

Dance team Manager Carole Anne said “We are excited about this fresh approach to our game entertainment, and are desperately looking for male dancers with commercial/hip hop experience to join our new team.” 

Dancer Requirements:

Age: 18+
Skills: commercial/hip hop

Mascot Requirements:

Age 18+
Skills / Personality: Fun, witty, friendly, dancing (ideally a bit of breakdancing), some basketball ability and general interactions with the crowds.

Dancer auditions will take place from 6pm to 7:30pm and Mascot auditions will be from 5pm to 6pm on the 15th of January.

To register your interest, please contact Carol Anne at (dancers) or Richard at (mascots). Please include any show reel footage, headshots, and experience where possible.

Please note that filming of the auditions is likely.

The Caledonia Gladiators are excited to welcome new members to their team and are looking forward to an exciting remainder of our season.