As the 2023/24 basketball season approaches, the Caledonia Gladiators bid farewell to three valued players who have been integral members of the team. While their departure marks the end of an era, the Gladiators organisation expresses their gratitude for the players’ dedication and contributions to the team’s success.

Thank You to Our Departing Players

Over the years, Ali Fraser has been an indispensable force on the court. His talent, versatility, and leadership have been instrumental in numerous victories and unforgettable moments for the Gladiators and Scottish basketball. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for his unwavering commitment to the team.

A true fan favourite, David Sloan has captured the hearts of supporters with his remarkable skills and unmatched passion for the game. His presence on and off the court has inspired countless fans, and we will always cherish the “The Shot” which brought home our first trophy in 20 years.

Patrick Tapé has exemplified the Gladiators’ spirit with his relentless determination and exceptional teamwork. His contributions have left a profound mark on the team’s legacy, and we are grateful for the unforgettable moments he has brought to our fans.

Join Us in Thanking Them

The Caledonia Gladiators invite fans to join us in thanking Ali Fraser, David Sloan, and Patrick Tapé for their dedication and outstanding performances during their time with the team.