East Kilbride-based packaging company, Ferrari Packaging, will sponsor Sunday’s Playoff Quarter-Final game between Caledonia Gladiators and Durham Palatinates as we begin our Women’s British Basketball League post-season journey.

The company, established in 2002, is a reputable family-run business offering tailored packaging solutions for various industries including food and drink, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. With over 50 years of industry experience, they focus on cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and adding value to businesses. They emphasize strong customer relationships and exceptional service as key factors in their success. Ferrari Packaging is dedicated to sustainability, actively working to minimize environmental impact. They pride themselves on their heritage, quality, service, and commitment to sustainable practices, aiming to help businesses thrive.

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Secure your tickets for our first women’s playoff matchup at PlaySport, tipping off at 12 PM on Sunday, HERE!