Caledonia Gladiators vs Plymouth City Patriots – Men’s British Basketball League

Written by Scott Laidlaw

The Caledonia Gladiators arrived at this game after defeat to the Sheffield Sharks, a 7-point loss with a final score of 69-62, placing them 3rd in the league with a record of 21 wins and 13 losses. Meanwhile, the Plymouth City Patriots entered the game after a 36-point defeat at home to the London Lions, positioning them at 9th in the table with 7 wins and 27 defeats.

The Gladiators were without Fahro Alihodzic. The Caledonia Gladiators’ starting five comprised Quade Green, Fraser Malcolm, Patrick Whelan, Clifton Moore Jr, and Lukas Palyza. The Plymouth City Patriots’ starting line-up featured Cameron Copeland, Spencer Levi, Elvis Dusha, Joe Hart, and TJ Atwood.

The game commenced with traded baskets, resulting in the score reading Gladiators 6-7 Plymouth. The score continued to oscillate during the quarter with neither team seizing a definitive advantage. The teams were tied at 8-8 before the Gladiators embarked on a 10-0 run, leading 18-8. Plymouth responded with a score of their own, but both teams continued to exchange baskets. Plymouth then embarked on a 4-0 run, narrowing the gap to 21-14, only for the Gladiators to counter with a 4-0 run, extending their lead to 25-14. The quarter ended with the Gladiators leading 27-16 over Plymouth, holding an 11-point advantage. A double technical foul was called with 7:02 remaining in the quarter, involving Quade Green and Elvisi Dusha.

The second quarter began with the Gladiators hitting consecutive 3-pointers, leading 33-16. Plymouth responded with a 4-point play, reducing the deficit to 13 points (Caledonia Gladiators 33-20 Plymouth). Plymouth then embarked on a 10-0 run, trailing 33-26, but the Gladiators countered with a 3-pointer from Palyza. With five minutes remaining until halftime, the Gladiators led 38-32. The Gladiators extended their lead to 42-34, but Plymouth fought back, with the score reading Gladiators 47-38 Plymouth. With just over a minute left in the half, the Gladiators led 51-43. At halftime, the Gladiators held a 51-44 lead over Plymouth.

The top scorer for the Gladiators was Patrick Whelan with 13 points, while TJ Atwood led the Plymouth City Patriots with 15 points.

The third quarter commenced with exchanged baskets, maintaining the Gladiators’ 10-point lead at 56-46. The score continued to sway back and forth, with the gap remaining at 10 points (60-50). However, both teams traded 3-pointers, resulting in a score of 63-53. With five minutes left in the quarter, the Gladiators led 65-57. The exchange of baskets persisted, with the score reading Gladiators 70-61 Plymouth. At the end of the quarter, the Gladiators maintained an 8-point lead, leading 75-67.

The fourth quarter began with traded baskets, reducing the gap to 8 points (79-71). Plymouth then embarked on a 7-0 run, narrowing the deficit to just 1 point. The TV timeout occurred with the score at Gladiators 83-78 Plymouth. The Gladiators responded with an 11-0 run, extending their lead to 90-78. Lukas Palyza was at the line for three free throws but converted only 2 out of 3, making the score Gladiators 92-78 Plymouth. The quarter ended with the Gladiators leading 96-81.

Patrick Whelan was named the MVP of the game with 25 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, and 2 steals.

Leicester Riders vs Caledonia Gladiators – Women’s British Basketball League

In a fiercely contested matchup, the Caledonia Gladiators clashed with the Leicester Riders in Loughborough, marking a pivotal game in the Women’s British Basketball League regular season. The Leicester Riders ultimately emerged victorious with a final score of 59-55.

The opening quarter saw the Gladiators setting the tempo, gaining an early advantage with Ariadna Pujol notching the first bucket. However, Leicester’s strong defence limited scoring opportunities, and they managed to establish an advantage by the end of the period, leading 16-11.

As the second quarter unfolded, both teams traded baskets, with Caledonia briefly taking the lead at 27-25. The Riders responded well, and by halftime, the score was deadlocked at 29-29.

After halftime, the Gladiators came out strong, enjoying a brief lead due to an impressive 10-point run. However, Leicester clawed their way back into contention, and by the end of the third quarter, Caledonia held a narrow 48-47 lead.

In the final quarter, the game remained fiercely competitive, with neither team able to pull away. The Gladiators initiated a 4-0 run early on, but Leicester fought back relentlessly. With 35 seconds left on the clock, Leicester secured a crucial lead, ultimately clinching a 59-55 victory.

Laken James of the Caledonia Gladiators was a standout performer, contributing 19 points, six rebounds, and two assists. Despite the Gladiators’ best efforts, Leicester’s resilience and late-game execution proved decisive in securing the win.

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