Caledonia Gladiators are pleased to announce their high-performance programme, which is open to high-level male and female athletes from across Scotland. The programme will provide a full-time bespoke basketball schedule, one that would include performance development, competition, and an extended off-court curriculum. It becomes a first-of-its-kind initiative, especially in Scotland. The programme will be run in alignment with basketballscotland’s pre-existing Talent Pathway. 

Each player who is accepted into the high-performance programme will be provided with:

  • A high-performance environment, designed to support player transition through to the professional basketball level.
  • A bespoke competitive environment of scheduled team fixtures, with potential exposure to our professional environment. Players will also have the opportunity to continue to represent their current club.

Programme Details


Eligible players must be born between 2004-2008, competing between the U16 and U20 age range. However, consideration will be given to players outwith the ages listed, if they are demonstrating exceptional talent behaviours where future prospects within Scotland and Great Britain programmes are evident.


One full-time coach will be attached to both the male and female programmes.  The coaching team will also work in conjunction with our professional coaches, ensuring alignment and collaboration across programmes.

Programme Contents

  • Participate in a daily basketball curriculum, on and off-court.
  • Tracking of player and team performance, progress, and development.
    • Player individual Strength and Conditioning programmes.
    • Mobility, body maintenance and bullet-proofing (mental/emotional/physical)
    • Nutrition, hydration, rest, and recovery.
    • Lifestyle management.
    • Preparing for a life as a professional athlete.

We want to engage athletes in a high-performance player experience, where they follow a similar schedule to professional athletes. This schedule will involve the following:

  • Strength & Conditioning Workouts
  • Individual on-court session
  • Team on-court session

The team’s on-court session will be in the evening, whilst the other sessions will be worked around a given athlete’s daily schedule. This may involve players training twice daily, over a four/five-day period.

The 2023-24 programme will commence on the 14th of August, and conclude on the 21st of June. The club appreciates that applicants may attend school, college, or university, or have work commitments, therefore the programme will be designed taking this into consideration.


We will work with each player’s club to ensure they continue to play in the Scottish Basketball Championship with their respective teams. However, we will also have a bespoke fixture schedule in place, allowing the group to play together as a Gladiators team.

Our bespoke fixture schedule may include:

  • Weekend cluster fixtures against a selection of British-based teams
  • Formal tournaments
  • Individual one-off fixtures

We will include a variety of both home and away fixtures, allowing each team the opportunity to play in a high-performance competitive environment.


The programme comes with significant financial costs, the vast majority of which will be met by Caledonia Gladiators Basketball.  However, to help ensure players are committed fully to the programme, we are requesting a player contribution of £500.

Payment methods

The payment can be made in one of two ways:

  • Paid up-front in full.
  • Monthly payment schedule, agreed upon and split over the course of the programme duration.

Scholarship Fund

We understand the current financial climate is a challenge for many. We, therefore, have in place a support system via our Gladiators Scholarship Fund.

Applicants can apply for a proportion of the player contribution cost, by sending a separate cover letter, outlining the amount being applied for, and giving a brief overview of why the applicant should be considered. All of the letters will be treated in the strictest of confidence and should be addressed via email to Lisa Palombo (Head of Operations) on

Decision Time

We hope you now have enough information about the programme and its offering, as well as recognise how it will help you take the next steps in your basketball journey. It’s a hugely exciting time for Scottish Basketball, and we hope you want to be part of this newest movement to hit our Country.

Application Form

Applications are now open, and you can apply by clicking on the link below and filling out our online application form. The application form will close on Friday 14th July 2023 at 5PM.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions or queries, please contact Lisa Palombo at

Thank you for your time and consideration!